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Short-Term Advances on Personal Luxury Assets

In today's challenging economy, many find the need for ready "emergency" cash to meet unforeseen needs.  Many sources of financing require weeks or even months before cash can be obtained. 

At Capital Mortgage Notes, we understand that such needs and can now provide short-term advances of cash on personal luxury items.  There are three ways we can provide you with the cash you need:

  • Sale Advance Loans:  Loans made in advance of a pending sale
  • Bridge Loans:  Short term-loans made while long-term financing is put in place
  • Term Loans:  Use you luxury assets with a minimum value of $100,000 to secure longer term financing 

Luxury Items We Accept as Collateral

Our personal luxury asset financing program accepts many types of unique assets as collateral including:

  • Jewelry and Diamonds
  • Luxury Watches
  • Fine Art and Antiques
  • Collectible and Luxury Vehicles
  • Fine Wines
  • Gold and Precious Metals
  • Luxury Handbags

Find Out More

Are your personal luxury assets eligible for our specialized financing program?  To find out more and determine eligibility, either contact us for a confidential evaluation or simply submit our short online quote request form by selecting the "Get Quote" icon below.  You could be just hours away from securing the emergency cash you need and deserve.