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Nationwide Buyers of Real Estate Mortgage Notes, Land Contracts, Private Deeds of Trust, Contracts for Deeds, Non-Performing Loans, and Business Notes

We’re a nationwide buyer of real estate-backed promissory notes, offering top-dollar purchase offers. From $25,000 to $6,000,000 and more, we close quickly with no fees to you. Customize your sale—partial, full balance, future payments. Explore our site for more. Contact us for a swift, hassle-free process

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Our Mortgage Note Buying Parameters

Explore Our Comprehensive Note Acquisition Portfolio

Types of Notes We Purchase

Discover the diversity in our note acquisitions. We specialize in purchasing a range of notes, from the fresh potential of New Notes to the stability of Seasoned Notes. Explore investment opportunities in various financial instruments, including Real Estate Mortgages, Contracts for Deed, and more. Diversify your portfolio with us.

Versatile Investment Opportunities: Acceptable Property Types

Acceptable Property Types

We welcome a diverse range of property types for investment, including Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Properties, Condominiums, Small Apartment Buildings, Commercial Properties, and Mobile Homes with Land. Discover the flexibility to tailor your portfolio to your investment goals with our varied and acceptable property options

Preserving Value: Minimum Investment-to-Value (ITV) Requirements

Minimum ITV Values

Ensure sound investments with our Minimum Investment-to-Value (ITV) Values. We maintain a robust approach, requiring 75% for Owner-Occupied Single Family Residential, 70% for Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Residential, and 60%-75% for Commercial Properties. Secure your investments with prudent ITV thresholds tailored for different property types

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